what's a swap? 
pairing up with one or more crafters to exchange crafty items that you make.

what do crafters swap?
lots of different things: tags, cards, mini albums, altered picture frams, stick pins, handmade flowers, altered boxes & so much more

sounds like fun right! so. . .
where do you go to sign up for swaps?

what you'll find on these sites?
really great scrapbooking communities where you can make friends, and get to know people who share your love of scrapbooking! plus there is something so amazing about recieving a gift that someone made just for you, if you're like me you're usually the one making handmade gifts for your "non-crafty" friends, so it's a real thrill to be on the receiving end.

how much experience do i need to sign up?
don't be afraid to join a swap just because you're new to crafting. looking at projects advanced crafters make can be intimidating, but the point is to have fun, and make something special for someone else- so it doesn't matter if you're brand new or you've been scrapping for years- join in, i'm sure you'll have a great time!

one last thing. . .
by the way i'm a member of both sites, so if you'd like to add me as a friend that's be great! i love making friends :)