Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i've moved!

sadly i'm saying bye bye to blogger. my blog has moved to wordpress. which actually isn't sad at all it's pretty exciting, because i LOVE the way my new blog looks. it's so modern and sophisticated-in my humble opinion. LOL!
so this card is of course inspired by the move, to see my usual tutorial on how i made it, check out my new blog . . . HERE!

i am always amazed that anyone would think that my blog is worth following, but i'm so grateful for all of my followers. thanks so much for following my blog, and i hope you'll check out my new blog at wordpress.
(i'm working so hard to make it cool and interesting-and i have pages now, yes because one page of my dorky personality just wasn't enough. my new blog has so much more of my goofy-ness.)

if anyone is thinking of changing from blogger to wordpress and you have questions let me know. i'd be glad to share anything i've figured out so far.

as always thanks for looking,
and i'll blog ya later!



  2. i'm not happy with wordpress. i think i'm coming back to blogger.