Sunday, September 12, 2010

i'm a dottie!!! whoo hooo!!!

on april 9th- just my second post on this blog- i posted about the dt call for glue dots. short, and to the point it simply said. . .

exciting news! glue dots is having a design team call. dare i apply? i think i will. if you're interested here's all the information you need to apply HERE.
wish me luck! :)

and then three days ago, i got the announcement i'd been waiting to see since april. I was surprised, i was thrilled. i was . . . a little unsure if it was me. see the list said shawnte park, missing the "s" at the end of my last name. and i had the scary thought that maybe that wasn't me. but then i thought, it can't be possible that someone else could have a name that close to mine. (but i emailed glue dots to double check before i let myself get too excited about it).
once i got email confirmation i shouted my joy from the mountain top- more commonly known as twitter. :) LOL!

i'm looking forward to getting to know all the wonderful ladies on both the dottess and dottie teams.

if you're on twitter let me know so i can follow you. you can find me on twitter at @mylo143, also please leave a link to your blog in the comments. i'd love to check it out.

 so that's my exciting news.
blog ya later!


  1. Yay Shawnte! That is awesome and exciting news! Congratulations! You so deserve this - your cards are amazing :)

  2. Congrats, again, Shawnte!! I am so happy for you. It is a pleasure working with you on the Glue Dots design team. I bet you are having as much fun as I am!!