Thursday, November 18, 2010

an update. . .

ok, so i haven't blogged in what feels like forever. but i'll be back soon i promise.

in life things come up, and October was a crazy busy month. but i've got some excited things in the works, and as soon as i can find my camera (we just moved and now i can't find it-driving me NUTS) i'll be back up and running with new cards, AND some scrapbooking -yes i finally started scrapbooking again, and some great giveaways.

and i'm working on redoing my scrap-wall. so i'll probably do a before and after post on that. since we moved i have a much bigger wall (oh the possibilities :)

also i'm hoping to get a video camera for christmas, and hopefully by next year i'll be video-blogging or vlogging (as i'm sure i'll want to call it) the camera on my wish list. . .the sony bloggie! is that not the coolest camera you've ever seen? love that built in usb port!

so that's what's going on and what's coming up.

by the way if you're looking for christmas card inspiration! check out Jennifer McGuires thinking inking Holiday class and Kristina Werners 25 days of Christmas!

blog ya later!

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  1. 'So nice to hear from you! We totally understand! Oooh, we can't to see pics., too! Thanks for keeping in touch! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!