Monday, December 6, 2010

i started today with the best of intentions. . .

. . .really i did. i got a new video camera and video editing software (Christmas gifts-yes i know it's not Christmas yet, my husband and I have no patience, and we figured that since we don't have kids it wasn't such a big deal. when we have kids we'll force ourselves to actually wait for the 25th of december before we start opening our presents). but anyway back to the video part.

i filmed myself making a card!!! yes, you heard it here first, i'm on my way to vlogging (video blogging). but i'm a total amateur and i have SO much to learn about filming and editing, and so my good intentions have met a few road bumps. i doubt highly i'll have this posted by tonight, so the plan is to get it posted before the week is out and that way i won't feel so bad about myself.

i appreciate your patience.
vlog ya later (hopefully sooner than later :)

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