Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 years ago. . .

i married the best friend i've ever had.(yes, i'm one of those people who's head over heels in love with her husband-i'm really blessed and i thank God for him daily :)

so i thought i'd share a few photos from our wedding. 

mr & mrs parks all kiss-y-face :)

my little cousins, i LOVE them so much. chrissy giving me smooches and my
justin who was an adorable ring bearer
 father/daughter dance. this is the first time i've ever danced with my dad
turns out, he wasn't so bad 

throwing my bouquet. which was kind of a dud. it hit the cieling and
landed barely a two feet behind me, so it was a
bad throw, and they wouldn't let me have a do over

my cousin brandon, who caught my garter 
and my husband brandon
posing like they're in a rap video
these two are comedy when they get together

 cutting the cake! it was delicious

out photographer wanted us to smash cake on our faces
there was no way i was ruining my makeup over cake
compromise: a lil cake on our noses :)

sparkling cider toasts! (no champagne cause we don't drink :)
random fact-everytime i see this photo i think
wow my nails looked amazing! lol, seriously it was the first 
time in life that i'd been completely happy with a manicure and it
couldn't have happened for a better occasion

february is a special month for us, we met in February 2004, began dating February 27th, 2005, and got married February 23rd, 2008. so i'm spending my day with the one i love and i hope you do the same

blog ya later :)


  1. Beautiful wedding photos. Looks like you had a great time. You look amazing.
    My hubby and I met on Feb 14th, and married 3 years later on Feb 17th, so February is a good month for us also, its been 21 years, and I cherish every day. I wish the best for you and your hubby too.
    Smiles Sher (

  2. aww you're so cute for being that in love. Your manicure does look great and it was at a perfect occassion.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Fashion Nostalgia