Tuesday, October 25, 2011

it's been so long. . .

. . . and i thought i should at least drop by my poor neglected blog and explain myself. just in case anyone cares to know where i've been all these months.
i started school, online i'm offically a phoenix. and i knew that starting school would cut into my free time, but i didn't realize how much by scrapbooking would suffer.
since i'm not ready to completely abandon my beloved blog, i will do my best to pop in every now and again. but if you're wondering where i am-i'm doing homework, and will be for a couple of years.

i am however, making time to do an 8x8 album for my new niece, just born sept 30th! when i finish i will be sure to post pictures of her album.
it feels great to get back to my scrapbooking roots, and to sit at my craft desk, and to SHOP for scrapbooking supplies again. honestly it's amazing how much changes when you're away for just a short while.
speaking of which, if anyone knows of a good scrapbooking line for a Baby Girl album, please leave it in the comments.
blog ya later
avgscrapgirl :)

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