Wednesday, May 5, 2010

didn't really have time but. . .

. . . i had to make at least one card tonight to submit to the gallery idol 2010 contest. i'll be making more this weekend, and will post them the way i normally do, with a photo breakdown of how i made the card. but tonight is just a quick post, because i was so excited when i read about this contest yesterday (yesterday was date night with my hubby, so i couldn't start yesterday)

anyway if you're interested click HERE for more info on the contest. it's like american idol for card makers!

i'm so excited. i hope i make the top twenty. fingers crossed, and i'm holding my breath. wish me luck :)
blog ya later


  1. Beautiful card - i love it! I hope you make it through - good luck and fingers crossed! Hope you had a great time with the hubby, date nights are always so much fun :)

  2. Gorgeous card! I think you will do very well! I love my date nights with my guy, too! So much more fun now that we are married! LOL